Semi automatic flat Labeling machine used for cosmetic cap

customized base on your product, no bubbles appear and the labeling effect is beautiful , suitable for flat objects labeling like cosmetic cap , bottle lid […]

automatic labeling machine for energy drinks

Company:war wolf     Product: Energy drinks(manufacture) Requirement:high speed , can do front, back and neck labeling in this case we used standard round bottle labeling machine , stable speed […]

Automatic filling machine for Disinfectant

Company:Cleafe Product: Disinfectant(manufacture) Requirement:Low price , suitable for business starting in this case we used automatic 6-nozzles filling machine , stable speed can reach 2000 bottles […]

How doses Bopp labeling machine works?

basically including the following process: 1.Label cutting mechanism cut out labels 2.labels are sent to vacuum sucker 3. Glue applicator will evenly apply glue to both […]