Automatic filling machine for Disinfectant

Company:Cleafe Product: Disinfectant(manufacture) Requirement:Low price , suitable for business starting in this case we used automatic 6-nozzles filling machine , stable speed can reach 2000 bottles […]

Automatic filling machine for skin essence – stable speed 2,000 bottles per hour

Company: Oreir     Product: Skin essence (OEM) Requirement:Filling and sealing should be in the same machine We adopt star wheel filling sealing machine , which can […]

Automatic 4 nozzles filling machine for toner

Company:SaiMei                        Product: Toner(OEM)              Requirement:Small machine for business starting Client […]

Automatic tracking filling machine for 5L detergent

Company:ROUSI               Product:detergent(OEM)        Requirement: the machine should compatible for different types of bottle in this case we used […]