How doses Bopp labeling machine works?

basically including the following process: 1.Label cutting mechanism cut out labels 2.labels are sent to vacuum sucker 3. Glue applicator will evenly apply glue to both […]

High speed rotary labeling machine for cocktail-18000 bottles per hour

  Company:poweder station       Product: cocktail(manufacture)         Requirement:high speed , can do front, back and neck labeling  in this case we used high speed […]

Two sides labeling machine for water production line ,stable speed 8,000 bottles per hour

Company:Fujian Anxi Qingshuiyan Mineral Water Co., Ltd.   Product: water(manufacture) Requirement:high speed and no bubbles appear Using automatic two sides labeling machine , stable speed can […]

Water production line -customized water OEM

Company: bthhotels   Product:detergent(OEM)        Requirement: customized water 1 million bottles client wants to make 1million bottles of customized water with their brand, they […]